Broad Oak

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
Report of events at Broad Oak Manor
I arrived in Stretton just as the last group was leaving and transported to a Fae transport circle at broad oak.
Upon arrival was informed that there was a magical ward surrounding the area and transport circle preventing people not native to erdreja or with corrupted patterns from entering/leaving.
As we reached the main encampment inside the main guest tent where some shards of broken mirrors and a number of bodies a mix of fae and human so I believe, they apparently had shards embedded within them. It was discovered that the story fae used mirror magic and had placed two sealed mirrors opposing each other as this had an amplification effect when magic was used near them it proved advisable not to cast spells in the main tent.

One of these mirrors was aligned to fae the other to mortals, upon Lord Hulse’s arrival i believe he instructed that the mirrors be removed pending a more detailed investigation.
Some traders arrived in camp and sold us more of the blue crystal amulets, I should speak with eclipse as she spoke with them in more detail than I did, I was just a money purse, though I did have to return to my safe location to retrieve more money.
At some point in the evening Jeniver wychwood appeared with an onlooker and invoked high powers of dark incantations and struck down trevilian with a gaping wound to his chest, In return jeniver was struck down by some unseen force and writhed in agony until her death, any whom approached her were struck with a powerful blow to the chest which seemed to drop them and required healing. The onlooker disappeared before anyone could question him but did not transport away.
We were attacked at one point by caliban and some strange form of mirror golem, though golem is inaccurate as they appeared to posses minds, these where vulnerable to shattering magics but could stike a blow that would render a body part useless, we believe it was one of these creatures that killed the fae prior to our arrival.
Also a creature that embodied the corrupting dream of Albion turned up and at his gesture all whom opposed him fell into a dreadful sleep. The creature seemed impervious to any blow or spell and I’m told strode off into the darkness leaving no trail.
The sleep he inflicted people with was wracked in pain, the pattern was forced out of the body and spent an what seemed like an eternity in pain seeing the land wither and the people die. To any that checked the body appeared dead but after 10 mins the sleeper awoke wracked in pain, their pattern ripping their own body apart from the inside once the damage was healed the pain seemed to subside, yet has returned every night since as have the visions of Albion turning dark crops withering and death of all they knew.
The first thing I remember after a sleepless night was being struck down and awaking to find that most of the people present had been stuck with a magical disease that spread across the field.
Lord Robert Falcon was found to be possessed by a strong one, which after removal managed to escape and was last seen in finmere
The fae ran some competitions, that of archery, heroic combat, teamwork, poker and others, as far as I am aware we won all of them, and were awarded tokens bestowing the wearer with gifts as prises.
A mission was sent out to destroy a bandit camp found by Edward James and Matt Luhan, after destroying a few bandits the camp was found deserted except for a squadron of rather hard unliving including a wraith lord. Hidden behind the lines of the wraith lord and his minions was an armoury of historical albion weapons and some old Cornish writing. The knife is belived to belong to one of Mark’s lieutenants. The writing read ‘Here lies the King. A traitor’s blow cleaved his heart. He will rise again when the land is weak. All hail the King all hail the Rock of Cornwall.’
A ritual was performed to aid the lions and to scatter sacred earth over one of their islands, apparently it destroyed all unliving of power equal to or less than a ghoul across the entire island, thus decimating the unliving armies
A mission was sent to destroy Leith once and for all, a mission to her temple was undertaken lead by glycell i believe, It was a long hard fight with leath persuading the minds of people fallen behind her lines to fight against us, regardless of this the corrupt water goddess was eventually corrected, thanks to some water from glycell in her pool, and over half the people that went on the mission were dragged back with their patterns corrupting the team having run out of healing.
As light was failing a mission was sent to scout out the bloodwood and find out why the forest appeared to be dead they found it devoid of life and the land dying, a man with long blonde hair who spoke with a good Albion accent was reputedly behind it, some of the people that went on the mission where infected with a disease and had to remain in selby for some time to ensure all those with the disease had been cured, this left some people rather concerned as they were away for a very long period of time.

We were attacked throughout the evening by wraiths, supposedly leftovers from the destruction of Marks forces at kingsfield.
A creature call the Jenganger turned up and asked us very nicely to go to trell and recover the body of gudrun, as we were low on healing power we postponed it till Sunday.
We were also attacked by some strange creatures from londinium that where created by merging patterns of animals with various other creatures. These were apparently being transported out by a lady with blue crystals inexpertly inserted into their brain, though when chased up we couldn’t find out whom was directing her. The creatures seems to be trying to capture the people that were wearing the irremovable blue crystal items.
Finally The evening ended with an attack by some more demons like the diseased ones from sicillia, unfortunately these demons were sentient and managed to escape with Excalibur, The armour Lord Hulse was wearing, General Sagramors enchanted Blade and another enchanted blade, fortunately these were all recovered as the demons travelled to selby and were killed by the circle guard.

Our nice wakeup call was an kind of attack by formour, they brought in a body of a fae they recovered from a patrol they massacred and offered it in exchange for us transporting them out. Master Silk wandered up to the body and teleported it over to the circle and healed the poor fae, and we dispatched the formour in the traditional fashion.
We decided to forfeit the competitions with the story fae and allow them to remain in Albion as citizens so we could go to trell.
We did a ritual at the request of a lady Brysaine to awaken a long sleeping warrior put to sleep by Arthur, his name was Ryonse, brysaine’s son. He was apparently put to sleep by a healing trance by Arthur due to extreme wounds, he could not be awakened until the time was right, he is wearing a cloak that would make him immune to Mark’s weapons and would be able to slay him for us apparently. He will apparently due to the nature of the ritual, turn up at selby ritual circle.
The Jenganger arrived, we transported to trell via a fairy circle and after dispatching some caliban archers with nasty goo attached to their arrows we discovered mirrors hidden in the trees, so we decided to smash them all and try to prevent a large rear attack as we progressed through the woods.
We arrived at Sycorax’s lair and confronted a nice line of mirror golems and caliban, stabbed them all up, though it was a long hard fight and at one point many of us had fallen over. We broke sycorax’s large opposing mirrors, recovered the bones of gudren and tried to stab up sycorax with Excalibur seemingly the only weapon we had that could hurt her. ask she was down to about 20 hits we know this because we had healers checking her as we were beating her into the ground she teleported away, she returned about 5 minutes later with the last of her forces and launched a last desperate attack against us, she died, we left.