Biography: Wyck Carden

Resides: Newcastle or Durham, Lincoln, York
Race: Human
Position: Baron of Durham, High Alchemist of Albion
Group: House Carden

Wyck was born in 1080, the eldest son of Joshua Carden and his wife Rose. At the time of his birth,
the Carden family was on the crest of a very successful wave and he was born into good wealth and
prosperity, as a child he was well cared for by both his mother and the houses resident servants
which included his Nanny, a lady by the name of Lisa Hendricks.

Wyck’s early life was mostly spent in the family home just outside Newcastle. His early learning took
place there, under the tutelage of his Nanny and the House Butler, Lisa’s husband George. He was
a bright young boy and being the first born, he was doted on excessively by both his parents; some
would say spoilt by the exuberant gifts they bestowed on him.

At the age of 5, Wyck was sent to a local scholar for his teaching to take the next level. Unusually,
it was decided he would remain housed at home, rather than be housed with his new teacher. His
teacher was Isaac Ferrier, a local man who was well versed in history, geography and most notably
for Wyck’s future, Alchemy.

Wyck’s father, Joshua was also a deeply religious man, strong of and empowered by, his faith.
Whilst Wyck was learning matters of the scholarly kind, his father taught him of Albion’s Ancestor’s,
in particular of Nethras and the Pendragon. Joshua was a reasonably gifted hunter and began to
take Wyck with him on trips into the local woodlands, teaching him how to fire the crossbow.

At the age of ten, already an accomplished crossbowman, Joshua directed George to begin some
martial training for his son. It was at this time that, after numerous years of trying, Celia was finally
able to give Joshua another child, this time a daughter by the name of Azelia, Wyck’s younger
sister. It was then only another two years before Robert Eric, Wyck’s younger brother was born.

As Wyck drifted into his early teens, he began to become more and more engrossed in his studies,
he did not focus too greatly on his martial training, though the tactics and complexity of battle
and warfare fascinated him, he did not take to the fighting with as much vigour. He also showed
very little interest in the family business, he frequently shunned the opportunity to accompany
the Merchant families caravan’s, instead remaining in Newcastle to study and toil away his time in
Isaac’s study, or labs. Joshua knew he had his brother’s family though and also another young son
to grow up; he allowed Wyck’s mind to focus elsewhere and let himself be proud of his studious

When Civil War broke out across Albion, things began to change for the Carden family. When the
House Guard were ravaged in Bristol, there were too few left to stave off whatever force decimated
their remaining number as they guarded a Caravan heading North. Wyck had accompanied his
father when they had gone off to find word of what had happened to the Caravan, what they found
was nothing but death, among them Wyck’s Uncle, Eric, Joshua’s younger brother.

To make matters worse, the Carden’s in Newcastle had not heard from Joshua’s elder brother
William in Southampton for over a year and shortly after the Civil War ended it was found that
William and his family had seemingly disappeared; their premises in Southampton ransacked. The
stores in Londinium had fared little better; many stored foods were spoiled as if they had been
left to rot, other stock had been stolen. Much of the Carden wealth had been tied up on those

operations, and after the Civil War, everything was very different.

With their stocks ravaged, the Carden’s name fell into some disrepute as they were unable to fulfil
promised deliveries both domestically and abroad. Joshua sold the Southampton and Londinium
premises for a pittance of their worth to try and recoup some of their losses and focussed on
continuing operations from Newcastle, but it was too late. Just 6 months after the war had ended,
the Carden family was broke. The Hendricks family left and moved to Londinium, what other
employees of the family there were, took up jobs for other traders around Newcastle.

During the war and after, Wyck remained stoically focussed on his studies, believing that in so doing
he would be better placed to help Albion and his family. Isaac continued to teach his student even
as the payment dried up; to repay his teachings Wyck began to work as an assistant as much as a
student. When Joshua made House Carden beholden to House Fisher, Wyck was tasked to take up
a role within the House Fisher’s guard; at 17 he was old enough to fight and learn how to command

Wyck did as he was asked; he recognised the help that House Fisher had given his family and he was
duty bound to assist them now as an able bodied son. Particularly as Joshua’s health clearly began
to deteriorate. Elspeth and Robert were both fostered to families in Durham for their teachings and
whilst Wyck began his role within the Fisher house guard, he found less and less time to help and
study himself under Isaac.

Joshua had continued to trade; for as long as his body was able. Wyck found himself frequently
accompanying the caravans as a guard and as his father became ill, Wyck began to take over the
trading caravan’s himself. He had learned how to command men, albeit his martial skills were still
limited, so this role suited him better. He was well liked and respected among House Fisher, there
was a brief moment where his mother had perhaps hoped he would become romantically involved
with Lady Cordelia Fisher, but that never transpired.

During the winter of 1105, Joshua Carden’s illness grew steadily worse. It was a difficult time in
Erdreja with events leading up to the Cataclysm and it was shortly before the Gathering of 1106
when Joshua finally passed. It was only then that Wyck finally adopted the career his forebears had
chosen and prospered from, he also began to attend court, initially as a member of House Carden,
accompanying Lady Fisher to the Gathering of 1108.

Shortly after his father’s passing, with the Cardens merchants wagons reduced to just two, Wyck
was both leading and defending the trips to deliver goods. On one such trip North, the Caravan
was attacked by bandits; Wyck and the few guards he had been able to persuade to accompany the
Caravan were able to fight the bandits off, in so doing taking one of them, Robert O’Malley, prisoner;
who was later given over to indentured servitude for his crimes against Wyck.

Whilst Wyck was not, like his father, a skilled merchant, he put his other skills to good use to support
his efforts in re-establishing the Cardens livelihood. He used his skills as an Alchemist to supplement
the sales of grain and imported spices, his skill with cards to earn additional pay at the Casino of
Erdreja and his gallantry and desire to help to make many friends among local people and families in
and around Newcastle, the Carden name and Wyck’s own popularity was once again growing.

With many lands in the North ravaged through the Cataclysm, and the coastal lands battered
by the invasion of the Akari, Wyck began to use his money to buy up farmland which had been
abandoned or left deserted, often going out of his way to find those who had fled to ensure they
were given recompense, or indeed invited back. He bought out the shop and surrounding buildings

in Newcastle and he began restoration on the Carden estate to the North of Newcastle. In and
around 1109, with many sailors and men deserting the seas, Wyck acquired three merchant vessels
from a couple of traders and men who sought to flee the seas.

Late in 1109, Wyck acted as Master of Ceremonies at the Fae wedding, presenting the people of
Albion and visiting nations to the King and his brother. It was a moment of great pride for Wyck and
a memory which he clings to. He made several strong and lasting friendships at the event and of
course became known to the throne of the Pendragon.

By 1110, Wyck had some dozen farms working for him and supplying goods directly to his boats and
caravans for trade across Albion and also into Caledonia and Teutonia. In the summer of 1110 and
with both Sir William Fisher and Lady Cordelia Fisher’s blessing, Wyck petitioned the Lore Regent
Gabriel Barthroy to re-establish House Carden.

At the Gathering of Nations 1110, the Heraldry of House Carden was seen for the first time in
17 years and Wyck submitted his candidacy for the role as High Alchemist of Albion after being
supported by the masters of the Alchemists Guild, where he had also been growing in prominence
under the tutelage of Master Qui Gon and Nightshade.

At the Albion yuletide celebration of 1110 and following the events of the Gathering that led to the
loss of many nobles of Albion, Wyck was temporarily given the position as Baron of Durham when he
had sought some assurances for his people from acting Lord Regent Theo D’Arby.

During the Spring of 1111, Wyck was made the permanent Baron of Durham and in addition was
formally made the High Alchemist of Albion.

Wyck continues to trade, the name of Cardens Merchants becoming increasingly common not just in
Albion, but in Erdreja. His studies of alchemy have gone from strength to strength and he can still be
found both dealing and playing at the Casino, whenever the opportunity arises.