Biographical – Michael O’Donovan

Thenni Interviews … Michael O’Donovan

This interview was carried out approximately one month after the Cataclysm of 1106. At the time, Albion and indeed Erdreja was still shaking with the after-effects and Michael’s time was at a premium. Regardless he still made time to talk to me, to help the people of Albion feel they knew a little more about their Lord Regent.
About one month after this interview was completed, Michael O’Donovan was slain by creatures of the liche Castell. This interview perhaps brings back to clear focus some of the reasons why we mourn his loss.
After the tragic events at York in the autumn of 1106 I considered not publishing the interview and I’m afriad it then lay forgotten under a pile of other information; only recently having been rediscovered. My apologies to Michael for only just making it known.
Thenni, High Bard of Albion

Summer 1107
Thanks for letting me interview you today Michael. This is just to let the people of Albion feel as though they know you more as a person…

First of all I suppose, how did you come to live in Albion? Although you’re Albione you didn’t grow up here did you?

I was born in Meath, in Erin. I never knew my Father and my Sister left before I was born. Life was hard, but we eventually had enough money to afford somewhere to live and feel safe. That was before the Empire attacked. The Ghost Legion killed everyone I knew, killing my mother before me. I ran at the time. I was young and scared, and there was little I could do.

It was then I ran into Lord Finn, William and Samuel. I spoke to William and Samuel at length about the Dragon and they offered me shelter and a home in Albion. A place to stay whilst I found myself and the rest of my family. I offered my services to the crown in return and acted as an envoy in their ambassadorial department.
What did you want to be when you were a child?

Well fed. Warm and Safe. I never really had many desires other than the immediate. Dreams are the province of the wealthy.
You mention the Dragon. I know the White Dragon is your chosen ancestor, but in all honesty I don’t know much about it. Could you elaborate?

The White Dragon, now that’s a matter of faith and perspective. If you speak to his followers maybe each one will give you a different answer. My path is darker than many – and he gives me the Strength to make Albion strong, whatever the cost.
Alright. Next question – How did you become Lord Regent?

That I don’t really know the answer to as its all a blur. Sagramor had personal issues at the time and felt that he could no longer do the job. So about a week before the Heartland Games I recieved a note saying that he was stepping down, and recomending me to take his place. I remember speaking to Madelaine, Julian, Glycell, Cawd and Lady Kat and reading them his letter. I believe I was Lord Regent within the hour.
For what it’s worth, I think you have proven yourself to be the best choice possible for Lord Regent. You’ve brought Albion back from apathy and banality, you’ve given the Harts a meaning and a determination again. Are you proud of that?

I’m proud of the Harts. However, I disagree that it was through my actions. At the Gathering of Nations I saw a column of harts marching to fight the creatures of Entropy that stretched across the whole marketplace. Every person there was willing to die for what they believed in all of them and more give the Harts meaning.
But you were too – and that’s a good quality in a leader. Anyway – What achievement are you most proud of?

Growing up. I have Aysha to thank for that.
Do you mean sex?

*laughs* No.

She’s still too old.

…She’s going to kill me if she reads this
Sorry Thenni, I’ll elaborate.

I have had a lot of people help me in Albion. William gave me shelter, many people have taught me how to temper my emotions, even more have showed me how to rule in the King’s name, v’Ar showed me how to speak in public, Morachi showed me how to walk the correct path that my ancestor has chosen for me. But Ayesha showed me how to grow up. To throw away the guilt and fear and actually act like a man.
*nods* Thank you for elaborating.
Do you find the future scary?

I find life scary. I can’t see the future being any difference.
What is your biggest regret?

Not being able to save the lives of the Harts that died on the battlefield at the Gathering. Especially Monty because he gave his life to save mine and I still have guilt over that.
I’m sure everyone’s said this before, but Monty died to save you as his friend but also you as the symbol of Albion on that field. I know you won’t feel any better but try to remember that…

Different note – Are you looking for love right now?

I’ve found it don’t know how but probably am the luckiest man in the world.

Yes. One day I’ll get the courage to ask her to marry me, but maybe I’ll have to step down first. At the moment I’m married to the country.
How do you like to relax?

I rarely get the chance. Normally I just pray to the Dragon that we got out alive. It’s amazing how much paperwork there is to do.. Still the Cataclysm’s over. We’ve fought our fight and now we’ll get a chance to rebuild. We can always relax when we’re dead.
How do you spend your spare time? (although I suspect you’ve just covered this)

Answering stupid questionnaires for my high bard

You know I could be out drinking
*laughs a lot* What’s your strongest memory of Queen Elspeth?

I don’t have one I never met her

I’ve heard a lot about her though. I just hope that she isn’t too disappointed with how I’m doing. But, I have to run the country for her son not for her memory.
I’m quite confident that she’s absolutely full of pride for you and glad you’re the Lord Regent who cares for his welfare! Alright last question Michael, then you can do soemthing fun!
What’s the best thing about being you?

I’m fantastically good looking. Have you not noticed. *grins*

*grins back*

Seriously, I have managed to find a place in life and isn’t that all any of us can ask for
Is there anything else you’d like to say?

No, it won’t be long until we’re back in a field at the Heartland Games and I’ll be bossing people around again. Am sure people will be fed up of me talking by then

*grins* Thank you for your time Michael. It’s much appreciated.
That’s okay. You can owe me a favour or something. *Grins again*

*grins back* You’re a bad bad bad man….