Bard’s Corner

This Edition’s ‘Bard’s Corner’ has been penned by our very own Quex.

“Hey, Harts. This is your local greenskin here to remind you that while fighting and carousing are great fun, what is life without a bit of creativity? Let’s see some songs and poems in the Herald. The poetry scene is thriving throughout all Erdreja. Would be a shame if Albion fell behind other nations.

There’s an Orcish poetry slam planned for the Gathering, probably at the Bard’s Guild. If it gets enough support it may turn into a full scale arts festival. Now that would be something. Full details hopefully in next edition!” – Quex

Creation Myth

I am Orc
From stone I was born
From stone I was hewn
and roughly formed
The stone endures
The stone is strong
The stone stands firm
and suffers long
Upon the stone
the flowers grow
The flowers come
And the flowers go
Now come the winds
Now come the rains
The flowers are gone
but the stone remains.