Bad Harvests

Bad harvests have been reported across the realm, bringing even more hardship to the already hard-up subjects of the Pendragon Throne.
Various municipal outposts have been receiving word from across the Duchies from perturbed farmers bringing in the harvest.
Crops of all kinds have been faltering, from Cornwall to Carlisle. At the newly established farming areas around Loxley, crops have not taken as well as was first hoped.
Though the weather across the realm has been somewhat wild and chaotic, the harvest was expected to be fair, especially with the return of refugees from across Erdreja.
It is uncertain at this time whether the harvest failures are a direct result of the weather, or not. It does seem likely, however, that the weather is not wholly to blame – this is Albion after all, and bad weather is something we’re well used to.
What is certain though, Albion does appear to be facing widespread shortages of food in the near future. Subjects are advised to take stock of what supplies they have, and ensure that food is rationed to last the rest of winter.