A Report on Montol

The following contribution captures the important events of early 1118 and was supplied by a submitter known only as Smells. It is presented in its original language.
— Librarians

Smells’s Jurnal Day 561

I went wiv Nanny to a party in Cornwall. It woz nice to see orl my Harts frends, but sad coz so menny frends weren’t there coz they woz ded. I was very angry wiv Mister Feeo and Mister Jaspa coz they bofe let Miss Eev die. They tried to eckplane why she dyed, and that she served Albyon. I’m still proper angry thow. Miss Graff had orlreddy sed sorree, shez okey.

My frend Maron saw a luvlee statew of a pritty lady. Maron new stuff abowt Norty Callum and impawtant peeple wudent lissen to her. So I got some ovver peeple to lissen insted. Nanny gev me a pownee.

We had fud and I lyked the pritty seeling. Sum people aksed me abowt my sherif’s baj.

Missus Wido Huls red my cards for me wich sed I need to aks the rite kwestuns but that Ive got intresstin fings ahed.

I sore my frends the Nites of Heelyos. They told me that they tell peeple Im gud at cullurin in and that mayd me criy.

I met Mister Barfroyz frend. Av forgot er name. She was pritty.

Me and Miss The Nite showd eech uvver wot we hav in arr baskits.

Peeple did speachz abowt the frends wot dyed. And Mister windrayk red out Miss Eev’s letter from the ded. She gev me a kee to er howse. Miss Graff did a speech abowt mister Greggsie and my eyz leeked. Mister Wulf gev me sweetz to chear me up. O and miss Graff sed she woz gunna luk for the Skarei tribe. Must tork to Hears abowt it!!

Then at the end the partee went rubish. Evrywun got all angree coz Mister Izuck had been norty and had killd peeple. Sumfink to do wiv getin rid ov peeple who arnt the pendraggun air. No-wun wud lissen to me. I sed downt kill im, just put im in a prizzun or a speshul hospitul. Miss bree had to tayk me awt coz I was cryin. Miss Lorrylie killd im. My frend Moran and Mister Lazzarous took karre of is boddy coz no won wud tuch it. I was angry at evrywun, and all the posh wons worrked out in a huff. I sed sorree to the Griffuns that they had to come to such a rubish partee and that they cud come to a partee at mine won day and there will be ice creems and jugglaz.