A piece of an Enforcer Record

Classified report for the eyes of golden harp command only, continuing to read this document will lead to the omega sanction.

Agent XI enforcer centurion Morten first month CCCLVIII A.P

Acting on information received from the Lios Alfar contact. Prepared ambush at circle CXIV as to standard procedure. Lost IX agents in the first XX seconds, killed two Olog mages and at least VI elven troopers. Section II commanded by Master Varlock Everyn followed the conclave agents through the void portal. They did not return.

Counterstrike from conclave forces attacked the circle at sundown all killed no prisoners.

Agent XXVI general Teo Mcdohl III enforcer legion.

I have been reviewing the information from our Lios Alfar contact as to the movement of conclave forces. The technique to predict their strike teams is an interesting one, the colleges of magic seem to have gotten hold of the idea and are running with it. The theory goes as follows:-
If a circle is not aligned to the area it exists in, it can be more easily manipulated by those with the ability to control the ritual circle. We should keep a close eye on the alignment of the circles and guard more closely those that have the potential to be manipulated. Therefore, I advise the movement of the I- XII Varlock companies to defensive positions around the cities of Phlatharn, Palonsilvari, Denthianhault and Malkarn to assure ease of mobilisation.

Overall ascent granted this day XXIII second month CCCLVIII A.P.
Presever Leveral Ollatnir of Malkarn
Victory or death.

(The Original also includes the standard imperial version encoding as well as this translation)