A name you can rely upon! The Tease Hails Brother Ross Pendragon As Lord Protector!

In times such as these, there is nothing so important as being able to put your faith and
trust behind a worthy name. The Cream Tease greets and welcomes Brother Ross to his
new role, a stout reassurance to the people of Albion that they are to be led by one
impregnable to corruption, a noble upstanding being to protect our great nation.

As our nation places its trust in the Lord Protector when he is most
needed, we invite you to likewise put your trust in ‘Lord Protectors’
brand prophylactics; staunch against disease, corruption and all

unwanted ‘heirs and graces’.

Available at Ye Cream Tease while stocks last, to discerning adult buyers! Only 2 gold!

’Money-back guarantee’ in event of failure!*

*’Money back guarantee’ does not guarantee the return of moneys in eventof failure, and we will be very angry if you
bring a disgusting used johnny back to complain to us.