A journey back through time, carried out around the time of the First Moot, 1099

– From the archives of the Bards Guild, written by Bedo of Madoc McYokel, at the request of Robyn,
so that the knowledge gained be not lost.
Participants in the journey :- Robyn, Oonagh, Jinx, Seris and Draego. The journey involved travel
from a transport circle to another, then via a ritual circle where there was a blue demon. There was
then a ten day journey through lands blighted by the Plague Demons.
We arrived at a Ritual Circle on a beach by a coast, Oonagh remembers a circle guarded by elves, in
which a brightly coloured demon was bound with heavy chains with strange shaped links. Jinx saw a
similar scene, and heard voices in his head saying “She can stop them, she must be killed”. Robyn
remembers the Elves chanting ‘Shall ayah donneth, shall ayah ren’* repeatedly while other elves
brought Magical items in from the four points on the compass.
At different time each of the group were pulled back to the present time. Oonagh heard the words
“You are not of this place, you are not of this time, you must return”. Robyn heard three voices
arguing about whether this trip should have happened.
On their return they were attacked by several Plague Demons. One asked “Why did you bring
Robyn?”. It seems that she was there because (according to Morwenna) one of her family needed to
be there.
– Bedo 2/7/1099
*Almost certainy Shal-aya, rather than Shall ayah – Thomas