A Declaration of Rashuk from the Veil on Goza

"Know then that you are the false and deceitful creatures spoken of in the story.

You have swayed us with false words and broken promises, now you will pay the price.

You have taken what is ours by right. By right of creation, by right of ownership.

You have partaken of forbidden knowledge; secrets of he who sleeps that were not yours to take.

What has been learnt cannot been unlearnt save by death.

There wrongs cannot be righted save by death.

There crimes against us cannot be avenged save by death.

Death will be brought upon all those who have trangressed against us.

The Masters of the Veil, we who tread in Saranyth’s footsteps declare Rashuk – the bloodprice – upon Albion.

Any Hart who has read the Grimoire of Dark Dreams will be slain!"