A clarification of a matter of law

as raised at the Harts Grand Council of 1099
At the Harts Grand Council of 1099, Lerianneth Penhaligon of House Karlennon petitioned the Throne to clarify a matter of Albion Law; namely, the status of the Stewards Guild and their rights within Albion when carrying out the business of assassination.
Her Majesty, Elspeth clarified the matter thus. The Law of Albion protects all within Albion. Should one be found to have broken the Law they will pay the penalty as laid down in the Laws.
Specifically, if any is found to have murdered, or attempted to murder one protected by the Laws of Albion they will pay the penalty for that, their membership of any guild notwithstanding.
Entered into the records, this fourteenth day of April, 1099.

Quaesitor in good standing

for the Council of Quaesitors of Albion