A Catalogue of the Lesser Faeries of Teutonia

(Taken from ‘The Poison Pen’, Gathering 1103)


Also known as Grimblens, Bremiers, Sky Boogies, and Widgets. Females are Gremblens, and Widgets are the children. Their element is air and they are most active at night. The range in sized from almost human to small, and are hairy all over and tend to be dun to dark brown in colour. The have stubby little ears, and wide grins. They do not like humans and try to destroy them whenever possible. They have pointed ears and an evil grimace. They are very strong and very dangerous to humans.

The Butterfly Fae:

Originated in Germanic lands. Also called Monarchs of the Forest, Butterfly Faeries, Flying Leaves, and Greenies. Their element is air and they are found in dense woodlands in the late spring and summer. They are both male and female and have large butterfly wings attached to lithe bodies But look human for the most part. They are shy of people and very capricious.


Also known as Hoioimann, He-Manner, Ropenkerl, Huamann, Schlocherl, and Rubheyzahl. They are found in the Germanian and Eastern Teutonian mountains and dense woodlands, and near little-used roads and their element is air. They are male dwarf faeries in short black cloaks who carry a thin, spiky walking stick, and are mean to human travellers.

Rot Alfar:

Also known as ‘Red Caps’. Their element is earth, and they are usually active at night, they are sometimes found at the base of scared trees in dense woodlands. They are dwarf-like in appearance and usually wear green or blue clothing and red caps – red from being washed in the blood of their enemies. Males, females, and children have all been seen. They are friendly but wary of humans until provoked.


Originated in Germany and also called Polterspirites, Kobaulk, Coblad, Kobolde, Hutchens, of Heinzelmannchens. Pronounced Coe-bolds, their element is earth and they are found in infested homes and in hollow trees where they are most active at night. They are dwarf faeries seen wearing little brown knee pants and caps. They can be very helpful, but will turn abusive if ignored or belittled. They have pipes clenched in their teeth, but do not smoke. Smoking very much upsets them.


Originated in Germania, they are also called Vattaren and Wights. Their element is earth. They look like tiny Elves dressed in brown fur coats. Their bodies are bulbous and their arms and legs, are too long for their bodies. Their mischievous nature can border on meanness

Wilde Frauen:

Originated in Germania and also known in Norsca, she is also called Elles, and Elle Maids. Their element is earth and they are found in unspoiled woodlands. Wilde Frauen literally means “wild women” and they are the female wood sprites. The stand about three feet high and represent all the ages of women from childhood through old age. They dress seasonally and will always be found wearing the flora, foliage, and colours of the current season. They also have a powerful queen whom little is known about.


Thieves and villains. Dour, ugly and grotesque in shape. Quite capable of robbing human homes, camps and children. Their element is fire, and they are naturally most often seen at night. They are known to be able to shape shift.

The Oakmen:

Originated in Germania and Norsca. Their element is fire and they are found at night in oak groves. They are dwarf faeries with huge heads who are guardians of sacred oak groves. They are not very friendly towards people, but no one has ever been harmed by one


Originated in Germania and Wallachia and are also known as Nixie. Nix is the singular form, and children are called Urchins. Their element is water and they are in and under the Rhine River. They are less visible in the winter. Nix are water sprites, and are seen in both genders, with females being predominate. The females are lovely, and the males very handsome with the exception of their green teeth. Their temperament is between mischievous and dangerous. Metal is a potent weapon against them.


The most pathetic of the Faerie. Bullied and put down by the higher fae at all times. Wear brown leather caps which increase their doleful appearance. They normally end up doing the sort of menial work that the lords and Those Who Laze simply can’t be bothered to do – writing, cooking, cleaning etc.