Those of Rank in Albion – September 1116

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The ritualists of the Harts were particularly successful in their weaving of Erdrejan power this year so far; the Summer Moot was no exception. The first ritual of the event was my own, on the Friday night, and although Erdreja was overall unstatisfied with my use of her power, she still felt it was enough…

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Do you like a challenge?

Do you like a challenge? Are you interested in working with people who are difficult? People who are mentally unstable? Artemis Nightkin d’Medici, High Ritualist of Albion, is currently seeking to employ a behavioural therapist in order to improve her service to Albion. An ideal candidate would be patient, willing to handle multiple personalities, and…

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A new Thane – News from the Ironhold of Trinity Reach

Low King Magnor of the Ironhold of Trinity Reach has named his successor, in accordance with dwarven lore and tradition as Olaf ‘The Hammer’ Ironshield of the royal line of Graytalon, the line of kings for the Ironhold of Trinity Reach, and of the noble family Ironshield. Olaf will rule as Thane over the Ironhold…

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The Kingmaker

On Friday Evening of the Moot which took place at Chapel Perilous, in the Harts Camp, did a strange visitation occur. An entity which we have come to know as the Kingmaker appeared in camp, and called for all Children of Albion to stand to. This entity, we have learned, is a Creature of the…

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Protector of the Realm

It was the wish of Her Late Majesty, as directed both in person and by the means of Her Last Will and Testament, Executed by Isaac Hulce, the Lord Counsel, that Sir Ross Pendragon, Lord General of House Pendragon, and Arch-Duke of Naseby, should lead Albion until such time as the True Heir to Arthur’s…

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A Nation in Mourning

When Gawain brought his Ritualist, Theodoric, to help cure the Blight on Her Late Majesty, a nation rejoiced. When Her Late Majesty informed us that the Ritual had not succeeded in the way we had hoped, a nation’s heart broke. Her Majesty Queen Eloise Hunter, Spirit of Albion made flesh, Chosen of the Trinity, and…

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News of the Realm

Duncan Corvinae, Earl of Exeter, has been appointed Master Incantor of Albion. Sally, a Seamstress of Londinium, has been appointed Master Bard of Albion. Having been ratified by the Pendragon Throne, the Queen’s Herald wishes them well in their new roles.

The Demon and His Lady.

As told by an aspect of Nethras on the Friday Eve of the Gathering 1116. I do not have skill as a storyteller, so please forgive the “bare bones” approach. Once, Long ago there was a Demon. This Demon was neither good nor evil, but balanced as any Demon may be. Now this Demon fell for…

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The Qualities of the True Line of Arthur.

As described by Sir Dawn Corvidae at Midsummer. The True Heir Shall be Mortal and not Magical. The True Heir will Willingly Fight and Bleed for Albion. The True Heir will show Patience and be Slow to Anger. Further information Pertaining to the True Line of Arthur. Excalibur may have a hand in Revealing the…

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